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Please Spell D-E-A-T-H

AARON, 17, once a spelling bee champion with a bright future is now an apathetic high school senior on the verge of being left back. His English teacher assigns a final paper in which each student must write about their biggest fear. Aaron’s biggest fear is death, something he can’t explain but has grown to accept. Aaron must ace the paper to graduate, but he has no confidence. Luckily, his best friend and secret crush JULES, 17, a straight-A, Ivy-league bound sweetheart, promises to tutor him. Aaron comes home to find his intimidating and overbearing mother PATRICIA, late 40’s, furious about his poor performance in school. She tells him he must go back to therapy and only hopes this time he will get his act together. Aaron fearfully obliges and begins therapy sessions with the new school psychologist DR. GRANT GARRISON, mid 40’s, who questions why Aaron fears his own mother. Aaron is so bothered by his first session that he has a horrifying daydream, while at home, where a Young Aaron witnesses his mother fervently scrubbing the living room floor. Bothered by the daydream, Aaron decides to start his own investigation into why his estranged father, BEN, left town 10 years earlier and has not been heard from since. Aaron believes his father’s mysterious disappearance might be responsible for his dreams and more importantly his fear of death. Little does he know, what he will uncover will change his life forever. 

At the Threshold

At the Threshold is a full length play about a teenage boy, Luke, and his mother, Katrina dealing with the recent death of his father. Luke, a high school senior with a passion to follow in his late father’s footsteps and become an accomplished pianist, must deal with his mother’s unhealthy obsession with the past and unnatural fear of the future. His aspirations are her nightmares. Luke, along with the help of his closest confidante and former flame Abigail, will do everything in his power to carry on a legacy he feels honored to be a part of, even if all he’s ever known and loved is taken away from him in the process. 

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